Patricia Gucci was born in London and is the only daughter of Bruna and Aldo Gucci.

She was educated in England, Italy and Switzerland before moving to New York to study acting, despite her father's wish that she dedicate herself to the family business. In 1982 after a year of study her father's wish prevailed and she was appointed to the board of Gucci and roving Ambassador in the US and Asia until the sale to Investcorp in 1987.

Aldo Gucci was born in 1905 to Aida and Guccio Gucci – the company’s founder. Patricia's father was the visionary responsible for developing Gucci beyond its Florentine roots and turning the company into a global luxury brand, opening its first store in Rome and then launching in New York in the 1950s. His pioneering spirit led to a string of stores across the US and beyond, establishing Gucci and the Made in Italy brand like no other before him.

Patricia is establishing a legacy of her own, developing projects based on a collection of diverse experiences and a unique perspective.

She has three daughters – Alexandra, Victoria and Isabella. She lives in Switzerland.